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excitement over sunday's regular season finale keeps going. dave ross will join us with a look. fox5 morning news at enst starts now. there's your live look outside. not a bad start to the day. could look very different 24 hours from now. tucker will tell you about that in a few minutes. this is friday, december 28, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. alison seymour has the morning off. we are here to bring you the latest on the weather, well, tucker is. let's check in with him now. >> good morning. nice quiet start today. we have temperatures back in the 30s. it will be a decent friday. partly sunny. highs in the low 40s. less wind than yesterday. today we're fine, and then we've got this winter event for tomorrow. it's not going to be a big storm, but maybe enough to have light accumulations around here
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during the day tomorrow. reagan national now 36 degrees. dulles 33. bwi marshall 34 degrees. quiet start to the day. cloud cover at the moment. and as you look to the south and west, look into western tennessee and northern parts of mississippi and alabama, shower activity. that's our next storm system. will be moving in our direction. i'll have more details on what time it might arrive and what we can expect tomorrow coming up. for today, partly sunny conditions and should be relatively quiet for you. winter weather advisory goes in effect early tomorrow morning for northern maryland and parts of west virginia, and virginia as well. winchester under the advisory. likely will be expanded. this is where we're most likely to see accumulating snow in northern maryland and certainly a possibility even here in the city tomorrow we could get light accumulations. i'm going to give you the seven-
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day forecast, might as well give it to you early. snow, rain for saturday. and quieter weather into the new year. more details on all the forecasts, including the timing on tomorrow's snow coming up. let's do traffic and get the latest from jeff. good morning. >> starting in prince george's county, not much volume here in either direction. the significance is it's on my way to fed ex and i'm starting to tailgate in about two hours for sunday's game. looking good on other roadways. pennsylvania, and branch avenue and route 50. we'll head over to the fairfax county parkway, it's 95 north, looking good in both your hov lanes and the main line, up from stafford county to the mixing bowl, and over to montgomery county, just north of the american legion bridge. light coming in from virginia around the inner loop into montgomery county. outer loop looks good as well down 270 to the split.
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no problems on the bw parkway or 95 between the beltways and good ride around the outer loop of the beltway around montgomery county. that's a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. jeff, thank you very much. first at 7:00, honoring one of the nation's top warriors, general norman schwartzkopf. he died yesterday from complications of pneumonia. >> he is best known for his role in leading international forces in iraq in 1991 against saddam hussein's invasion of kuwait. he was known by the popular nickname, storming norman for his quick temper. he was also affectionately known as his troops by the bear. after his retirement, he lived a quiet life in tampa. there he was known for his civic contributions supporting children's charities. the white house issued a statement in response to his
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passing, calling him an american original and stood tall for the country and army he loved. former president george h.w. bush issued a statement, saying he was one of the great leaders of his generation and called him a decent man and dear friend. he was 78 years old. speaking of former president bush, an aide says he's still in intensive care as he fights a severe case of bronchitis. but the chief of staff says people should "put the harps back in the closet." sarah? our other big story now, avoiding the fiscal cliff and the countdown is only, with only a few days left until the deadline. only have until next week to come up with a deal. this afternoon president obama will hold a meeting at the white house. >> he invited democratic and republican leaders for the talks. we get the latest from sherri ly live at the white house. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. they are back at it again today. these are the first face to face talks between the president and republican leaders, and today the president will be meeting with congressional leaders here at the white house from both parties. they are trying to figure out a way to get around this fiscal cliff, and at this point it's not about coming up with a grand bargain. they're just trying to get something done and fast. president obama back in washington, but can he lead both parties to a compromise fiscal cliff work-around? republicans say democrats have been dragging their feet for months and they won't be pressured into what they considered a bad deal that doesn't help balance the nation's books. >> the president calls congressional leaders to the white house, it's political theater or they have a deal. my bet is it's theater. >> reporter: speaker john boehner hasn't been able to get them to budge on a deal to raise taxes and the name calling is getting ugly.
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>> the american people i don't think understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker, not allowing the vast majority of the house of representatives to get what they want. >> reporter: and it's true the senate controlled by democrats is working this week, but they're not working on the fiscal cliff. and the house won't even be back to work until sunday, just two days before the year-end deadline. then there is also the milk fiscal cliff. have you heard of that one? if congress does not pass a new farm bill by january 1st, milk prices could nearly double some say to as much as about $7 a gallon. they have until the first to get that done or milk prices go up and with the fiscal cliff, massive tax increases and spending cuts. that's the latest here at the
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white house, back to you. >> thank you, sherri. we've been getting responses to the cliff talks on our facebook page. that's where we asked you, what do you think about congress and the white house not reaching a deal on the fiscal cliff? do you think it's possible that a compromise will be reached before the deadline? tammy simpson writes -- peggy fleming says -- >> a lot of people fired up obviously over this. traffic is back to normal on the springfield interchange, even while virginia state police continue to investigate a deadly accident there. this happened around 7:00 last night when a tractor-trailer stopped in traffic, was rear- ended by a pickup truck. three people inside the pickup truck died at the scene. the driver of the tractor- trailer was not hurt.
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d.c. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in the shooting death of a capitol hill man. jason emma was shot multiple times the morning of christmas eve. he was found sitting in his car. the vehicle was still running. police think he was killed when two men tried to rob him. the funeral is set for tomorrow at 11:00 in arlington. a disturbing scene out of new york city, where police say a man has died after being pushed onto the subway tracks. it happened in front of a northbound train in queens. they're looking for a woman in her 20s when fled the station. it's unclear whether the man and woman knew each other. this is the second time this month someone has died as a result of being pushed onto the subway tracks. in russia, president
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vladimir putin signed a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. let's take a live look now from the russian embassy here in d.c. if we could. the law putin signed is reportedly in retailation for a new law in the u.s. that calls for sanctions against russian officials for human rights abuses. it takes effect january 1st and it also blocks dozens of children already in the process of being adopted by americans from leaving russia. still ahead at 7:00, a closer look at the fiscal cliff fight and what it would take to get a deal done. >> plus, moving on out, after pounding the nation for days, a monster winter storm is finally losing its steam. we're going to take a look at the damage and travel delays it left behind. >> first, here's dave. >> sarah, the biggest game in decades is almost upon us. just two days away from the redskins and cowboys to decide
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the nc east crown. >> thank you, dave. hello. as we head to the break, live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and jeff coming up next. it's 7:10. we'll be right back. ♪ ,h [ male announcer ] there are plenty of reasons to be jolly
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the northeast is starting to dig out after a massive winter storm dumped up to 2 feet of snow across upstate new york and northern new england. heavy rain and strong winds pounded coastal areas already devastated by superstorm sandy. the system is now blamed for at least 16 deaths nationwide, including one in maryland. this left holiday travelers stranded from dallas to boston. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled since tuesday. many roads remain impassable. you see what's happening there and you get a little
7:14 am
nervous. but tucker you've been saying not going to be like that. >> whatever happens here will not be a major deal. sort of a repeat of monday and wednesday and the snow line setting up close to the city. worst case scenario, north and west, maybe three or 4 inches of snow. >> interesting pattern setting up where we're on the edge of these storms. >> typical of what we get around here in the winter time. typically we're kind of right on the edge. last year the edge was nowhere near the mid-atlantic. >> you were bored all winter long. >> as i mentioned a few days ago, i didn't put the snow machine into gear one time last year. once again, your friday fine. morning commute should be uneventful here, at least weather-wise. later this afternoon not a lot going on. detroit, 16 degrees, nice and cold there. 31 in new york city this morning. looking at our satellite radar, a lot of clouds to the west. not going to be a beautiful day
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around here. maybe peeks of sunshine. maybe we can go partly sunny, where you get that filtered sunshine from time to time. and cool. typical cold temperatures, low 40s later today. down to the south, down to the south and west, see the rain showers breaking out into western tennessee? that's our next storm system. it's a quick moving wave that will move up and over the area late tonight and early tomorrow morning. i think by sunrise tomorrow snow breaking out and gradual transition, that rain/snow line setting up and likely moving north during the morning hours. the storm will be a quick mover. should be out of here by 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. worst case scenario would be a couple of inches of snow accumulation, particularly north and west of town. right here in the city, maybe an inch, maybe 2 inches. >> that's not bad. >> oh, yeah. nice time on a saturday morning, when nobody is going to school and most people don't
7:16 am
have to go to work. you know, for a winter event, i think it will be a good one. let me mention again, cold sunday night for the game. cold monday night for first night activities if you'll be out celebrating and maybe more snow showers by tuesday during new year's day. >> all right. thank you, sir. of course with the winter weather heading our way we want to remind people now is a great time to get the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, ipad or iphone. search for d.c. weather in app store and you can also text fox 5 weather -- and as tucker likes to say the best part is -- >> it's free! >> it's fantastic. really is. we'll talk about what's happening on the roads. here's jeff with that. >> how you used to do your forecasts, from the toaster oven.
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>> all right, that's enough of you. >> what i anticipated for today is a light commute and it's what we have. coming out of dale city, both hov lanes and main lanes at speed and incident-free. earlier incident north of 123 is gone. inside the beltway through arlington, again, traveling at speeds over the 14th street bridge. up to 270 heading down from hyattstown, a good ride. no problems to report through montgomery county. the earlier tabled tractor- traile gone. we have volume on the top side of the bell way, outer loop over from college park to university. but no accidents in the way. you're looking good coming in on route 50 to new york avenue and to the 3rd street tunnel, typical volume for this time of day. actually less than what we would normally have on a friday. that's a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. jeff, thank you. redskins' regular season finale with dallas will play out in
7:18 am
front of a national audience. >> dave ross is back now with another serving of your sports breakfast. did you ever see the movie "that thing you do "? >> no. they go from a garage band to being a big band and they say, how did we get here? >> yeah, how did we get here? i know some people are confused how the redskins can get in if they were to lose. if they win, they win the nfc east. then they would be the four seed and host a playoff game, more than likely seattle if forms hold now, seattle coming here next week, if they were to win sunday night. now if they lose, they would need help. they would need chicago to lose at detroit and minnesota to lose at -- against green bay. it's in minnesota. if those two things happen, and the redskins will know this
7:19 am
before they tick off, whether or not they're in the playoffs or if they have to win that game. i think that's a an advantage to the skins. if you know one of those two teams, already lost both their games, we're already in, win, lose or draw. if one of those two teams wins, it's all or nothing comes sunday night. i think ultimately that's the way it will play out. the last time these teams played, down in big d, and i remember sitting in the press box watching the cowboys' defense closely and thinking to themselves, they have no idea how to stop robert griffin iii. none. he went nuts. quarterback rating of 131.8. 19 of 27. 304yards. four touchdowns. four. now, the other guy on the other side, this is one of them here, he's going to roll into the end zone, redskins won 38-31. only their second win in a row
7:20 am
of this current six-game winning streak. they were 4-6 at the time. greasing the wheels at that point. now, like you say, how did we get to here? the guys talk about yesterday not letting the game get too much of sunday's game, not letting the emotions take over. >> i told the guys, you know, don't play this up so big, that you can't seize it. like i was telling you guys, you got to make sure you approach it the same exact way that you have the past six weeks, and know that, you know, it's for all the marbles, whatever you want to say. but don't go out and play scared. >> football is an emotional game. you're at home, playing for everything. but if you lose it, you can lose control of the game really fast. penalties and turnovers are things that come as a result of lack of focus. so you have to be controlled, but you definitely need to play with an edge.
7:21 am
you have to may like when that clock strikes zero, you're going to the playoffs or going home for a long offseason. >> i was watching your reaction to watching robert griffin iii speak. what was going through your mind? >> he has the poise of a 10- year veteran. he's a true leader. you understand why they named him the captain midway through the season. >> absolutely. >> everything he said that spot on. it's like he's got the maturity of a veteran. >> they named him captain, ironically, during the bye week and haven't lost since. >> what about the knee? >> the brace he's been wearing every day in practice this week. if i was a wagering man, i would wager that brace is not going to be on come sunday. mike shanahan has emphasized his knee is fine and it was clearly a precautionary measure to aware it. but it hampered his mobility last sunday in philadelphia. if his knee is fine and the brace is unnecessary and just a
7:22 am
precaution, i think it goes away come sunday against the cowboys and we see that pistol in all of its glory and we see him getting out of the edges. thanksgiving day game he only rushed 25 yards. he beat them with his arms. he's proven he can do it. one way or the other. >> we're out of time, but i want to say quickly, regardless, win or lose this week, we have to salute what this team has done. >> absolutely. i hope people don't lose sight of that if it goes the other way. >> don't want the haters to come back out. >> no. one game, incredible season, absolutely. >> i do think they're going to win. thank you, dave. >> you'll be there to see it. >> we'll talk more in a little bit. >> sure. it's 7:22 now on this friday morning. coming up later, saying goodbye to the x factor -- what? i'm reading this. saying goodbye to the x factor after one year. >> which new judge won't be back.
7:23 am
no-- >> the show is coming, okay. >> someone else may not be, though. >> first, the most annoying word in the english language. the fourth year running. any idea what it could be? >> i love the music. it's from "that thing you do." >> it's like you requested it. you've got the power. ♪ every time you ♪ 
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there's a health company that can help you stay that way. what's healthier than that?
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welcome back. maryland lawmakers will have lot on their plate when they get back to work. if one state senator has his way, it will include a soft shell crab sandwich. if the bill passes, it will be another food victory for the eastern shore. in 2008, they made a cake a
7:27 am
state dessert. very busy. you know, it's like, whatever. i'm just sayin'. >> yeah, like totally whatever. are you annoyed yet? we are. at ourselves. that's because an annual poll is out with the most annoying words and phrases used in conversation in 2012. whatever has topped the list for the past four years. runnersup included twitterverse and gotcha. we still use that? just sayin' should be a little higher on the list. >> yeah, whatever. >> you know. still ahead, the fiscal cliff count down. we're going to sit with a "washington post" congressional reporter with a look at the likelihood lawmakers will reach a deal before the time runs out. >> that will be at the top of the list next year, fiscal cliff. plus, getting ready to ring in 2012. what's new in times square and what some scientists say could be the best way to take the edge off of a new year hangover.
7:28 am
>> another one to add to the list, kick the can down the road. i'm tired of that one. another chance of snow. doesn't look like it now. a beautiful look outside as the sun is getting ready to come up. tucker will tell us when the snow is coming in. ♪   
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the crystal ball is up in times square. police expect a million people to come in to watch the ball drop. millions others will tune in to watch on tv. new for 2013, waterford has added a message of peace on the giant orb. they replaced 288 of its 2,688 panels. each new panel will have a dove chiseled into it. one is engraved with the name of dick clark to pay respect to the host. >> before the ball drops, you might want to eat some asparagus. apparently-- i'm sorry -- because apparently the vegetable -- >> what's so funny? >> something was not what i just read, thankfully. >> i just read it. [ laughter ]
7:32 am
>> am i going to get through this? all right. apparently it can take the edge off -- [ laughter ] >> south korean researchers say it has minerals that can protect you from post party side effects including a headache. i want to point out to people, sometimes there are mistakes in the script. if we read any one of them on the air, it would be our last there. >> sometimes we do. >> yeah. skipped over that one. i would have kept on moving to tucker. i kept on laughing. >> let's move on. temperatures in the 30s. let's do the headlines and we got partly sunny conditions today. in the low 40s and later tonight we'll cloud up with, a chance of snow back in the forecast by early tomorrow morning. sunrise tomorrow, we'll start to have snow breaking out
7:33 am
across the area. and the million dollar question, where's the rain/snow line set up? a little south and east of washington for the morning hours and perhaps parts of the area that haven't seen a lot this week might get more in the way of accumulations. we're just not talking about a major event. will be a quick moving storm system with the potential to drop maybe a couple of inches of snow. that will be it. 36 now in washington. 32 leonardtown. it's cold out there. seasonal temperatures. 30 gaithersburg. 28 in culpeper and 30 fredericksburg. cold to start the day. partly sunny afternoon. still a lot of clouds around. look at all the clouds to our west. and the makings of our next system starting to break out here into western tennessee, and really blossoming in the last couple of hours. this will be moving up through the tennessee valley and across the mid-atlantic and towards new england over the next 24 to 36 hours. it's a bit of a complicated
7:34 am
system. two systems, one to the west and one developing to our south and east. how quickly the energy transfers will determine how much snow versus how much rain we might get around here. it's why we're not quite sure where it line will set up for tomorrow. winter weather advisories posted in northern maryland, east and west virginia. it's where the weather service is most confident we'll get accumulating snows. you'll probably see 2, 3 inches of snow towards the pennsylvania border. closer to washington, i think inside the beltway, likely to get accumulating snow. more in the order of 1 to 2 inches the morning hours tomorrow. will be out of here early tomorrow afternoon. 42 today. partly to sunny skies. winds north and west 5 to 10. 32 tonight becoming cloudy. outdoor plans tonight, you'll be -- if you have evening plans you'll be fine. out door plans, fine, too.
7:35 am
snow early tomorrow morning. there's your accu weather seven- day forecast, and again, sunday looks like sunshine with temperatures in the 30s. that's weather. let's do traffic with jeff newman. >> good morning. sports people getting excited about the game. i'm excited about alexandria. look, no traffic to the wilson bridge. light volume from stafford county and 95. hov lanes open in that direction. not the normal work day, not the normal friday without school on this holiday week. this is the beltway heading around toward the american legion bridge. good in both directions. the new express lanes not really needed at this point. north of the bridge around into montgomery county, here's the beltway, headed past bradley aavenue. manageable volume and speed in both directions. prince george's county here as well, light volume in both directions, no problems on 5, route 4 or 50 or the bw
7:36 am
parkway. that's a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. jeff new man, thank you very much. 7:35. time is running out quickly for lawmakers on capitol hill. frustration is mounting on both sides. joining us live with more this morning is ed o'keefe with the "washington post." good morning, sir. good to see you once again. you know, at this point, to me, does not look like this deal will get done before january 1st. i don't know how it could get done. >> certainly, if you look at the way the house and senate move, you're right. would be very difficult. there's a key meeting this afternoon at the white house around 3:00. the president bringing together all the congressional leaders, yet again, to talk about this and the hope is that from that meeting perhaps the senate will walk out with a plan to get something started. likely will be they take a bill that was passed in the house over the summer, amend it, virtually change it entirely, pass something perhaps saturday, sunday, send it over to the house where they can
7:37 am
start debating it sunday monday, rolling into monday, hopefully before the ball drops. >> how important is it now that anything happened by january 1st? we know what happens with the taxes going up and that kind of thing. but could they come back the first week of january and do something that would be retroactive? >> yes. and essentially, you know, it's silly, we've been talking about this fiscal cliff, fiscal curve for years. and you know, next week is the deadline. but in reality, if they can get to no later than say january 10th or 11th, it's pretty easy to retroactively go back and say let's fix the payroll tax, let's do all these other things and not let it happen. the concern is that starting today the stock market really starts to take account of this and early into next week as the new year begins. the last few days it's been down. not a lot, but it's been down, and it's because people see
7:38 am
washington isn't getting the job done. >> we've been getting comments on our facebook page from people who are outraged about this. does the white house, do they hear those comments, do they understand that people really look to them to lead on this issue and they feel like they're got getting that? >> they say they hear it. we picked up on some of the almost embarrassment yesterday from the lawmakers. these are senators primarily who aren't in leadership who have the liberty really to say that. but they're going to be here. we tallied it up, only four times since world war ii has congress been in session between christmas and new year's. they never voted on anything this momentous. one of those times was winston churchill asking congress to get involved in world war ii. shows you the kind of things that's brought lawmakers back
7:39 am
before. this pales in comparison. >> john boehner, is he in a tough spot? because, you know, there was some movement, but his fellow republicans, many of them indicated, no, we're not going to go for any tax hikes, period. >> well, he's in a tough spot until january 3rd. because he'll be reelected as speaker. and there's nobody at this hour we've seen that will challenge him. not even someone who called sigh siphon off 20 votes. no indication that's coming. so he's in a tough spot. really, after january 3rd when he gets reelected, when the new congress begins, he's got a little breathing room. conceivably, he could cut a deal that requires virtually every democrat and a few republicans to vote for something, it would seriously upset conservative republicans, but since he's just got the speakership back, he might not have to worry about it. what's fascinating, though he is in this weird position, there's nobody else who wants the job. and there's nobody else really who is capable of doing the job
7:40 am
at this point. because if speaker boehner can't bring them together, no other figure in the republican party or house who could do it either. >> i hear a lot of the talk and criticism aimed at congress. the white house, where do they fall in all of this and do you get the impression that they, in the eyes of the public, bear some of the responsibility as well? >> polling suggests they don't necessarily. though when you look specifically at this issue, the president doesn't do very well. certainly congressional republicans on this issue are bearing most of the blame. i think there's been a calculation at the white house that the more the president is seen diving into this, the worse off he seems. they're trying as much as possible to separate him from it. they hold these meetings, like they will today, where they have a top level discussion, he says, okay, sort it out, bring it back to me, i'll sign it. what lawmakers of both parties have pushed for, and what's not happening, he pick up the phone, he bring people over
7:41 am
over to the white house and strong arm them and say, let's get something done. he appear to be more involved. he took his vacation, everyone else took their vacation. the argument has been since the election he should have been on this 24/7 and members of both parties say he hasn't, much to their frustration. >> interesting. a lot of pessimism out there. thank you for coming in. we'll see what happens. happy holidays to you. >> same to you. still ahead, one is done for one of the judges of "the x factor." 
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
the x factor apparently gave britney spears the boot. they said she didn't show enough energy and wasn't worth her contract. the addition didn't help ratings much. if true, the move would leave two empty seats at the judge's
7:45 am
table. l.a. reid announced his departure earlier this month. >> tony, you should get that gig. >> i'd giver lots of energy for $15 million. here's the thing about that, though, you call her people in, we're letting her go. couldn't you just say to her, we need more energy? >> i don't know if that discussion was had or not. >> okay. >> got to tell people. >> tell them what you want. >> yeah. >> okay. you got what we want? >> i do if you want to get a little snow tomorrow. >> i do. >> many of us love winter weather. >> sure. >> you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> something to look forward to. 36 at reagan national. 33 dulles. bwi marshall 34. let me just say once again, today no issues. we'll be kind of partly sunny, mostly cloudy this afternoon with temperatures in the low
7:46 am
40s. we're not expecting precip today. if you have plans tonight, no issues tonight. this will arrive early tomorrow morning. quick moving storm system, and by 9:00 a.m., look what we have breaking out across the area, and notice that we've got a rain/snow line once again setting up like on wednesday and monday, right up and down the 95 corridor. so still some question marks about exactly where that rain/snow line will set up. it's a bit complicated, because we'll be dealing with two areas of low pressure and how quickly the low pressure to our south and east will develop. stay tuned. but it looks like the best bet for accumulating snow will be washington, points north and west. has been the case earlier this week. and could be talking about potential for a couple of inches. not a major storm. even if you get all snow it's not going to be a major storm. and you can see by noon, once again looks like the rain line passing farther to the north. then it wraps up by 3:00, 4:00 in the day. and should see stars by
7:47 am
tomorrow night. once again, little bit of potential for winter weather saturday. the worst will be saturday morning, and things will quiet down saturday night. and right back to quiet weather pattern sunday, monday, tuesday, but cold. sunday night redskins game cold. monday night, first night activities, if you'll be out celebrating, cold with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. >> thanks, tucker. >> let's go to jeff newman now. not much going on today. >> not at all. no school, we'll start in virginia traveling north on 95, at a good pace in the main and hov lanes. inside the beltway, uneventful. however, got a report of a struck deer on the gw parkway, northbound before spout run. the left transition lane open, but very slow through that juncture. we'll head back over to the beltway.
7:48 am
actually over to prince george's county. light volume at 201. actually travel lanes are open and moving pretty much at speed. no accidents to report and way over on the other side, 270 headed down from gaithersburg, no problems. earlier tractor-trailer incident on the side of the road at georgia is now gone. that's a current look at your fox 5 on-time traffic. jeff, thank you. 7:48now. it is friday morning. coming up next, sports rivalry spills over onto the anchor desk. we'll be right back. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you.
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♪ i just came to say hello ♪ >> time for our faceback fan of the day. and today we say hello to deborah lewis williams. isn't she pretty? >> beautiful. >> deborah says she's wanted to be picked for so long that she's been screaming, waving and doing the cabbage patch to get our attention. wisdom is doing it. we don't have a camera on him. she tunes into fox 5 morning every morning to start the day with our news team. we thank you for that, deborah and we wish you all the best in the new year. for your chance to be monday's fan, go to our facebook page and post a comment under her picture, and like our fan page. >> like us. >> yes. 2012 left us with a lot to talk about. >> let's take a look back.
7:53 am
>> alabama gets a second chance and makes the most of it. they win the bcs championship behind coach nick saban. >> game ends here. incomplete. and the new york giants are the super bowl champs. >> superior team all season long, and the superior team tonight. and the kentucky coronation is complete. champions, 2012! >> did they do it? oh, what a shot. >> incredible. >> another watson
7:54 am
green jacket at augusta. >> anti-doping agency accusing armstrong of using performance- enhancing drugs during his career. >> sentencing sandusky to at least 30 years in prison. >> clearly a vetting program was in place despite the denials. where i think we disagree is on the fact of discipline. >> i appreciate everybody -- [inaudible] -- show your love, show your love to my son. >> the other said no time. >> touchdown! >> seahawks win in the most bizarre finish. >> the regular officials are back. >> up the track and into the
7:55 am
back of that surplus helicopter jet engine. >> has come back to life. and the giants have won the world series in detroit! >> put it up. >> the magic of jeremy lin continues. >> this year was different, right to the start. >> drives inside and puts it in. >> the miami heat are once again nba champions. lebron james captures that elusive title he so desperately coveted. >> all right. busy year in sports. still ahead -- look at the shot -- still ahead in our 8:00 hour. we'll sit down with author mike richmond for a closer look at the history of a storied nfl rivalry. you know which one year talking about. >> and later on, what a ban on
7:56 am
adoptions between russia and the united states means for thousands who just want a chance to have a child. we'll be right back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
straight ahead at 8:00, tracking another chance for snow. a winter weather advisory is already in effect for some parts of the metro region. tucker barnes has the details that you need to know. >> plus, a last ditch effort at a fiscal cliff deal. sherri ly is live outside at the white house, where lawmakers will sit down with president obama today before a rare weekend session. >> later, while the redskins get ready for dallas, we'll sit down with author mike richmond for a closer look at what some call the greatest rivalry in the nfl. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm wisdom martin in for allison. >> mostly cloudy to start the day. in the 30s. no travel concerns today. no weather to speak of today. less wind than yesterday, so that will be nice. the next snow event, and it will be a small sized one, small to medium sized one, will
8:00 am
be early tomorrow. during the day saturday. >> okay. >> that's the first thing you need to know. 37 now in washington. 15 in detroit. it's cold. much of the area at or below freezing. 31 in new york city. 29 in boston. let's look at the satellite radar together. a lot of clouds in the forecast. you can see into west virginia and all the clouds out there. partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon. might get a little sunshine. should feel a little better than yesterday, because winds won't be blowing like yesterday. highs in the low 40s. next storm system getting its act together into western tennessee. it's going to be relatively weak, and it will be quick moving. so it looks like it will arrive early tomorrow morning in time for daybreak. most of the area will see a period of snow and then the transition to a snow/rain line will take place across the metro area here during the morning hours saturday. so that's what you need to know. winter weather advisory, you mentioned it, northern tier of maryland, west virginia,
8:01 am
northern, extreme northern virginia towards winchester under a advisory. the weather service has indicated they'll likely include more counties. this area most likely to meet that criteria level, a couple of inches of snow. maybe two or 3 inches of snow there upwards of the pennsylvania border. today, low to mid-40s for highs, increasing clouds this afternoon. and i'll have more details on when it will get here and out of here in a minute. cool. thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with jeff newman who is in for julie wright for traffic. >> thank you, good morning, tony, wisdom. we'll start on the beltway headed to the american legion bridge. no problems. light volume. a problem on the gw parkway heading over to the key bridge. a deer was struck. the right lane blocked and there are authorities on the scene. slow from before 123. continuing around the beltway into montgomery county, here's your look at connecticut avenue, light volume, lighter
8:02 am
than you would expect for a rush hour on a friday. over to 66, headed in from centreville, no problems to and through the beltway, through falls church and arlington and to the roosevelt bridge. woodrow wilson bridge looking good. less wind than yesterday. no advisories and not much to worry about heading over all the potomac. that's a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. some sad news this morning, norman schwartzkopf has died. >> he died from complications of pneumonia. he was best known for leading international forces in iraq against saddam hussein's invasion of kuwait in 1991. he lived a quiet retirement life in tampa and kept mum on the u.s.'s decision to go to war a second time. the white house issued a
8:03 am
statement calling him "an american original who stood tall for the country and army he loved." former president george h.w. bush issued a statement and called him a decent man and a dear friend. general schwartzkopf was 78 years old. speaking of former president bush, an aide said he will likely remain in the houston hospital for the foreseeable future. but gene becker says the 88- year-old is receiving excellent care. he's been in the hospital since november 23rd and in the intensive care unit since thursday. he's fighting complications from a "terrible case of bronchitis." turning now to the fiscal cliff talks with the clock ticking, president obama is inviting top lawmakers to the white house today. >> he will meet with both republican and democratic leaders to try to fine an
8:04 am
agreement on avoiding that fiscal cliff. fox5's sherri ly is live at capitol hill now with the latest. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom, good morning, tony. they are getting ready for the inauguration here at the white house. before that happens, the president and congressional leaders have some work to do. they'll meet today at the white house to try and reach a deal on that so-called fiscal cliff. if that happens, it would trigger increases and massive spending cuts, likely sending the country back into recession. the president called the top four congressional leaders late last night. they'll meet at the white house this afternoon, trying to find a way to avoid that fiscal cliff. the house won't return to work until sunday evening and republican leaders say they could be in session until january 2nd, the day before the new congress is sworn in. democratic leaders say congress owes it to americans to be back at work, and republican leaders say it's senate leaders who
8:05 am
have failed to act. both sides are blaming each other for pushing the nation to the brink. >> so-called senate bill that the majority leader is referring to passed with only democratic votes and despite his repeated calls for the house to pass it, he knows as well as i do that he himself is the reason it can't happen. >> we have four days to avert a crisis that could harm our fragile recovery, cost us another credit downgrade, initiate a drop in the markets and impose arbitrary spending cuts that will undermine our national security and slash vital programs for the vulnerable. >> reporter: democrats want to raise taxes on people earning $250,000 a year. though president obama has signaled that he would up that to $400,000 a year in a compromised deal. republicans though, have rejected any tax increases, despite house speaker boehner's proposal to increase taxes on
8:06 am
those people earning more than a million. not much has really changed before christmas. we'll see if the meeting today will change any of that. back to you. >> sherri ly reporting, thank you. making headlines overseas this morning, rebels are closing in on the capitol and the u.s. is closing our embassy there. the state department is ordering the american ambassador and all his staff to leave immediately. rebels took 10 more towns in the last couple of days. air force cargo plane evacuated 40 americans overnight. and the u.s. is telling all american citizens in the central african republic to get out now. in russia, president vladimir putin signed a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. the law is reportedly in retaliation for a new law in the u.s. that calls for sanctions against russian
8:07 am
officials for human rights abuses. it takes effect january 1 and it blocks dozens of children already in the process of being adopted by americans from leaving russia. still ahead at 8:00, the president of a national adoption agency joins us live for a closer look at the impact the adoption ban will have on the families who hope to welcome a new child. >> but first, bitter rivalry again redskins and the cowboys. we have a sports historian here, and why it's been called one of the greatest in sports. it's 8:07. we'll be right back. 
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
back now with a winter weather update. across upstate new york and northern new england residents are digging out from up to 2 feet of snow. heavy rain and strong winds pounded coastal areas already devastated by superstorm sandy. the system is now blamed for at least 16 deaths nationwide, including one in maryland. it's also left holiday travelers stranded from dallas
8:11 am
to boston. more than 2,000 flights canceled since tuesday. many roads remain impassable. what a mess. what a mess. >> we are lucky here, because we've had a little taste here and there. that's about it. tucker joins us now with more on that. but first, feel good moment of the morning. >> it's that time of day. let's do it. time for my first 5 photo of the day. been having the real small guys, haven't we? >> that's a great idea to be bundled up like that. >> yeah. >> great idea here. >> looks happy as can be, right? >> yeah. >> mom tells us this is a picture of how he keeps warm after his bath. >> beautiful. >> cutie. >> yeah. nice blanket, too. i like to be bundled up like that. >> who doesn't like that? >> why not. >> is that what you do at home
8:12 am
after the bath, get out the blanky? >> yes, as a matter of fact i do like to get snuggled up in a blanket after a hot bath, tony. >> magnificent. how about >> i love his name, too. though i'd have trouble spelling his name every day. to send us your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. congratulations, we love your picture. you'll need a blanket if you're heading out this morning, it's cold out there. temperatures generally close to the freezing mark with the exception of reagan national, in the mid- to upper 30s. 37 in town. dulles, bwi marshall, 32 degrees. i know what you want to know about, tomorrow's snow. still on track here for light snow accumulations during the day tomorrow. once again, that rain/snow line will be setting up across our region. still question marks about exactly the eventual track and how much snow we might get. definitely will see something
8:13 am
tomorrow. locally we're fine now. partly cloudy conditions for friday. rain showers into western tennessee and pushing into alabama, mississippi. that's our next wave of low pressure. this one is much weaker than the storm we had move through on wednesday. but there are indications that we're going to see two areas of low pressure develop. one of those will be just to our south, and with that area of low pressure to our south we may get enough cold air that parts of region that haven't seen a lot of snowflakes this week may see more, may get light accumulation even here in the city during the morning hours tomorrow. want to time it out, should arrive here in time for sunrise tomorrow and be out of here by 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. 42 today. cold enough for snow tonight. snow/rain mix tomorrow. not sure where the line sets up. looks like it will be close to the metro area tomorrow morning, and much quieter here for the end of the weekend. though cold. sunday and monday night, if
8:14 am
you're going out to the redskins or first night activities, cold with temperatures near freezing. that's weather. let's do traffic. jeff has the latest. >> good morning. not much of a rush hour. had a couple of incidents earlier, but now heading up from stafford county and over to newington, lanes of 95 north, hov and main lanes are working at speeds. light volume. same on 66. normally jam packed this time of day, but again the holiday week and no school, and this is what we're looking at. incident on the gw parkway. stay to the left. right lane is blocked after 123. vehicle struck a deer. police are on scene as well as other authorities. let's head over to prince george's county. equally as empty in both directions. no problems to report, no accidents. bw parkway looks good heading north out to the airport. 95 between the beltway is a good ride.
8:15 am
over to 270, moderate volume. local lanes and main lanes are at speed. no problems on the beltway itself through montgomery county. all of your crossings are incident-free. that's a look at your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you very much, jeff. since 1960 the washington/dallas game has been called one of the best rivalries in professional sports. this sunday the cowboys come to town, one of the most highly anticipated games of the season. a lot at stake for both games. mike richmond has written two books about the team. he joins us this morning to talk more about this rivalry. good to have you on the show. >> good morning, how are you? >> you're almost a life long fan. >> that's right. >> i want to show quickly, because the book is incredible. if you're a fan, this is a must have. most recently one, right? >> right. football vault. >> what's in here? >> it's a great compilation of redskins memorabilia over the
8:16 am
years. there's a lot of text in there. but it's the memorabilia that makes it. game program covers. >> we should have had you on before christmas, because if you had a fan on your christmas list, pretty much everything you want to know. >> everything you want to know. most comprehensive journalistic account of redskins history. >> this rivalry, you told me something during the break here that i did not know. this is a big game this weekend. it feels like a big game. it's bigger than we thought. >> this is a marquis matchup. actually, this is the first game since 1979 that the two teams have met, first final regular season game where there's been playoff implications for both squads. other games over the years, like 1976, redskins were bidding for a playoff spot. same thing in 1969, last game
8:17 am
at rfk. cowboys already won the division. 2007, the taylor year, cowboys won the division. this game is huge. >> we're going to show clips from some of those very games you mentioned, the final gamality rfk, which i was at. when the redskins weren't that great, but beat the cowboys. and the shawn taylor game as well. of course, when we think about this rivally, we think about the big games, championship game, 1983. we don't know what's going to happen yet, obviously. in terms of what we're looking at, where do you think this game will fall historically? >> right behind the 2nfc championship games, the '72 game, which i was at. 26-3redskins win. that of course was huge. sent the skins to super bowl vii. then the january of 83 game.
8:18 am
the 31-17 redskins victory. the cowboys hold a sizable advantage throughout overall play. but redskins won both games when the stakes are high. this game will match that '79 game in terms of its magnitude in the rivalry, falling behind those two championship games. >> i hate the fact that dallas leads overall in this rivalry. and it's a sizable lead as you say. but in some ways, doesn't that make us that more jazzed up to get them and put them down? >> oh, absolutely. many people are envious of the cowboys. they hold this mystique. actually like a sense of arrogance about them. star on the helmets. the hole in the ceiling at texas stadium. now in the new stadium, where god can watch them play. [ laughter ] >> you just want to stick it to the cowboys. maybe envious is a wrong way to
8:19 am
describe it. this hatred towards them. >> right, right. over the years, during the tough times of the redskins have had, which is much of the last 20 years, unfortunately, there have been some bright spots here and there, and some times where they've made the playoffs, but one of the disappointing things has been the fact that these, many of these games have not been meaningful games. >> that's correct. over the past two decades the redskins have been struggling. really, when you look at it this way, since 1996, the year after the cowboys lost their first super bowl, the redskins and cowboys have won the same number of playoff games. year after year the cowboys are put on the cover of sports illustrated, but the teams have won two playoff games each. >> wow -- >> since '96. >> they do seem to get, and obviously i'm a redskins fan, got the tie and everything, but they seem to get a pass when it comes to a lot of the national coverage and that kind of thing. though this year, i have to be -- i have to say i'm impressed
8:20 am
that everyone across the league has really focused on rg3 and what he brings to the table, what he's done. >> right. he's revived the franchise. now that deal where the redskins traited three number ones and a number two for him, looks like the perfect deal. shanahan and allen and company couldn't have done any better. this game will solidify rg3's stance in washington as the future of the franchise. he will be the guy. it's also a huge game for tony romo of the cowboys, because over the years he's gained this reputation where he hasn't been able to win the big one. >> for both teams and i think you're absolutely right. when you look at it from the other side as well. if romo can't win this game, it almost solidifies the rap that you can get us there, but can't
8:21 am
win the big one. >> he's been putting up hundreds of yards of passing per game. they don't have much of a running attack. i think that's their issue. if he doesn't pull this one out, i think he'll have a bad rap for white a while. >> first time they meet since 1979, at the end of the season where both have a lot on the line. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> pick these up. hail to the skins. we'll be back in a few moments. thanks. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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students from sandy hook elementary are expected to return to class in a different building next thursday. they have not attended school since the shooting rampage two weeks ago. meantime, some of the first responders are so traumatized they haven't been working. instead, they are using up sick time, which means they might be forced to go without pay. the outpouring of support is overwhelming. officials have asked that for now people stop sending gifts. in the wake of the tragic shooting in newtown, connecticut, hundreds of teachers are taking part in a
8:25 am
gun training course in utah. >> it's being offered for free. 200 educators filled the room for the course. similar efforts like this are popping up all across the nation. in arizona, the state's attorney general has proposed to allow a teacher in each school to carry a concealed gun. the move brings about mixed reactions. >> if you have somebody come in that's mentally ill with a weapon, and they're killing people, an administrator or a teacher can figure that out. >> i don't think teachers should be carrying guns. i don't think violence is the answer. the biggest thing i don't think is, i don't think it will solve the problem. >> if arizona passes the law, it would join only a few other states, including utah and new hampshire that allow concealed weapons in public schools. still ahead in our next half hour, lipstick and liquor. we'll sit down with the team behind a new documentary looking at the problem of alcoholism among suburban
8:26 am
women. >> video of a twister tearing through alabama on christmas day. it's 8:25. you're watching fox 5 morning news.   ñ
8:27 am
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[ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town: a busch gardens celebration. discover the wonder at
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just released surveillance video of a woman police want questioned. she was running away from a new york city subway after a man was pushed onto the tracks to his death. witnesses say she was mumbling and following the victim before hand. it's unclear whether the man and woman knew each other. this is the second time this month someone has died as a result of being pushed onto the tracks. coastal communities in central new jersey still recovering from sandy are dealing with more flooding this morning. high tide caused rivers to overflow and waves to reach coastal houses. the beach here in sea bright is especially vulnerable because the hurricane took away most of the sand. take a look at this, new video showing a tornado tearing through a parking lot in
8:30 am
mobile, alabama on christmas day. customers and staff inside the walgreens store where this was taken were not seriously injured, but the store saw some minor damage. >> amazing stuff. >> yeah. all right, tucker barnes. >> doing fine today. nice cool, kind of typical late december start to your day. today low 40s. partial unshine. maybe a little sunshine. then we'll have the snow event, winter weather event early tomorrow morning. >> okay. >> not going to be a big deal. scale of one to 10, maybe a 5. >> okay. >> take pictures and go back in the house. >> yeah. there's potential for light accumulations. good news for snow lovers that are south and east of washington, you have the potential for at least a little bit, i know you haven't seen a lot this week. 32 now in washington. 32 the winning number in baltimore, gaithersburg, frederick. going to name all the places
8:31 am
are 32. dulles. winchester. culpeper, you're 28. pretty cold start. highs later today, low 40s. low 40s will do it. with a little bit of sunshine. kind of in and out of the clouds. then increasing clouds this afternoon. i got here early this morning, and this was not yet on our satellite radar. that's really blossomed in the last couple of hours. that will work through the tennessee valley and wash across the mid-atlantic by early tomorrow. not terribly strong storm. not forecasted to become a strong storm. likely will encounter enough cold air when it moves in by daybreak, sunrise tomorrow, we should see snow break out for much of the region here during the morning hours and just like wednesday and monday, that rain/snow line will set up again across the metro area, and that will determine how much snow you see during the day tomorrow. either way, it won't be a lot of snow. snow doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. we're fine today. going out tonight, you'll be just fine. dry conditions.
8:32 am
this is early tomorrow morning. 9:00a.m., and i think the snow will generally be flying washington points north and west. let me mention, if you're in the counties in southern maryland, you may start a brief period of snow before you see that transition. during the morning hours, the rain will march north here as just like the last couple of days, we start to get the warm air enfrenched in the system and out of here by the afternoon. an inch or two in washington. winter weather advisory across northern maryland posted. we'll see if that gets extended later today. there's your accu weather seven- day forecast, 42 today. tonight, doing fine. early tomorrow, snow breaks out. will change over for some of us to rain during the morning hours. out of here by tomorrow afternoon. sunday looks good, cold. going to the game, puffy jacket. going out monday night for celebrations, the puffy jacket needs to remain on, and you might need gloves and a hat, because it will be near
8:33 am
freezing. >> man. >> thank you. celebrating all things snow, guess what? white tail resort opens in a few minutes. the ski resort in pennsylvania, joining us live is the director of marketing and sales. good morning. are you there? >> good morning, i am be tucker. thank you for calling. >> yeah, thank you. tell us, have you officially opened yet? >> yes. i would imagine just moments ago we had the first chair celebration that we typically do. we had plenty of guests guests waiting to be on that celebration and we're rolling for the 2012/2013 season. >> fantastic. and that's coming off a year last year you would probably rather forget. >> right. looks like the weather is going our way so far. lots of more cold temperatures are coming in next week for great snow making. so we're very excited. i think we're going to have a good season.
8:34 am
>> tell me how much natural snow you picked up this week. >> christmas eve we picked up a few inches and just the other day we pulled in about 8 or 9 at the summit. and probably 6 or 7 at the base. we were hit pretty hard. we were right in the pocket, which was nice. it actually was a good push to allow us to open today as opposed to this weekend. gave us the opportunity to open today. so we're excited about that. >> congratulations. we're looking at pictures, video, and conditions look great. what's your typical opening day? >> early opening the first week in december, say the 6th or 7th. typical opening day probably a week later, 15th. our goal is to be open between the christmas and new year's holiday. we're just slightly short on that. we're still going to kick in for this weekend with the holiday coming on a monday or tuesday. i think it will be plenty of
8:35 am
time for us to enjoy still some of that christmas, new year's break. >> what can we expect this weekend? a lot of trails open? >> currently four open today. beginner trails. tomorrow we're opening intermediate. as the days go on, we'll continue to add more trails. >> thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> we'll check back in later this season. >> great, thanks for calling. >> whitetail is open today. not sure about liberty, but sure it will be open soon. ski season is back after taking a year off last year. >> very happy about this. >> it's great. and still a little more tomorrow. >> thank you, sir. speaking of that, the ski season is in full swing. two slopes in virginia were opened wednesday and plans to open more this weekend. it's southwest of d.c., about a two to two and a half hour drive. now to a story that
8:36 am
continues to develop. early this morning russian president vladimir putin signed a bill that bans americans from adopting russian children. the controversial bill has created an uproar among americans and russians. it's estimated about 740,000 children in russia are waiting for a family. it also blocks american families currently in the process from big home their child. this particular move hits close to home for one local family, who adopted their daughter from russia 18 years ago. born with spina bifida, she is now a three time gold medalist in the para olympics. she says if it wasn't for her mother, her future in russia would have been grim. she says the children are the hardest hit victims of this bill, unaware of the politics behind it. >> i don't think he understands the outcome it will have on the
8:37 am
children. you know, right now the children are used as pawns, you know. it's really unfair to them, because you're holding back their futures. i love it where i'm from, but i could not make a life in russia. i made a life here in america. >> on wednesday, she and her family delivered a petition against the bill to the russian embassy here in d.c. it had 7,000 american and 100,000 russian signatures. we want to learn more about the impact this could have on families in the u.s. joinings now is bill blackwire, president and ceo of one of the largest adoption agencies in the u.s. he joins now. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> you're very welcome. >> first of all, tell us your reaction when you initially heard about this. >> our initial reaction was of course we were concerned, but we thought that president putin would review this and would not
8:38 am
sign the legislation. as it turned out, this is about the worst case scenario there could be. >> as of now, to your knowledge, what would happen to all the russian children up for adoption to the parents here in america? >> well, we are still hopeful that there could be a good outcome. however, there are 46 families that are scheduled to pick up a child in russia. we have several from bethany in that situation. there are several that are in the process. we are very concerned, it appears right now that could all stop. it's devastating to the children in russia and to the families here in the united states. >> there's also been a lot of talk from the russian side of this talking about how some american families are abusing or neglecting, somehow doing wrong to the adopted children. to your knowledge, from what
8:39 am
you know about the situation, is this a big problem? >> i would say it is not a big problem. obviously, when any child gets abused is a problem. but there's been over 60,000 children from russia adopted here in the united states. there's been 19 cases where the children have been abused. while that percentage is small, we're still concerned about it. but when i've been in russia and talked with officials there, they have indicated they have abuse that goes on in their country by biological parents, as we do here in the united states. while it is a concern, it's not an overwhelming concern. >> what would you do, or what kind of -- we know about the impact this could have on the children and parents who are waiting for adoption. waiting for the russian children to be adopted. is there anything that anyone over here can do in this situation? i know it's out of your hands because of, or out of our hands
8:40 am
because of what's going on in russia. but do they have any chance to do anything about this? >> we will continue to work with our congress, our administrative offices, the white house, to try and get this straightened out. we still are hopeful that president obama could intervene. he could talk with president putin and say, we have our differences, let's work this out for the benefit of the children and the families involved. and there's been a 20-year history of russia and united states working cooperatively to make homes available for these children. >> you just mentioned president obama. is there any chance you see this being worked out to where it doesn't get to this point, because now as you just mentioned, there are a lot of children who are waiting as we speak to be adopted? >> well, we have organized a write-in to members of congress, as well as to the
8:41 am
white house, asking them to intervene. we have not heard anything from them. but we are hopeful that our administration will take this on and approach russia on this issue, and say let's do what's in the best interest of children and set aside our political differences. >> all right. we really do hope that gets worked out for the best interest of the children. president and ceo of one of the largest adoption agencies in the u.s., bill, thank you for joining us this morning courtesy of skype. we appreciate it. >> you're very welcome, thank you. a warning for parents of young babies. there's a recall on a reclining seat. we have the details. >> and in a few days you may have to pay a couple dollars more for a gallon of milk. we'll tell you why when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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welcome back. we have a consumer alert. four national retailers have agreed to recall more than 150,000 baby recliners. the consumer products safety commission says the nap nanny has defects in its designs, warnings and instructions. they say the product is linked to at least five infant deaths and dozens of reports of children nearly falling out of
8:45 am
the recliners. the four retailers,, bye-bye baby, and toys "r" us/babies "r" us agreed to participate in the recall voluntarily. a new survey shows more americans are reading their books on electronic tablets. the pew internet research center conducted the study and says 20% of people 16 and older read from an e-book. the readers of traditional books fell from 72% to 67%. the study also revealed more than 30% of americans now own an e-book tab let. we've been talking about the fiscal cliff talks, but there is a deadline approaching on the milk cliff. the price of a gallon of milk could double next week because congress has not passed an updated farm bill. they do it every five years, but the latest farm bill is expiring on new year's.
8:46 am
if there's not a new one, a new law from the truman era kicks in forcing the government to buy milk at higher prices. dairy farmers will see a temporary boost, but after that economists say demand will plummet. didn't know about that one coming. >> what are they doing? get some work done. >> please, do something. >> it's why we elected you. do some work. >> yes. it's 8:46 now. coming up, do fewer women seek treatment for alcoholism than men? >> a new documentary looks at a drinking problem among suburban women and why they're less likely to ask for help. a producer and psycho therapist joins us instudio after the break to talk about their findings. we'll be right back. it's 8:46. 
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it is time for our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to deborah lewis williams. deborah says she has wanted to be picked for so long that she's been screaming, waving, and doing the cabbage patch to get our attention. i'm sorry it took us so long. but you're a great dancer.
8:50 am
it was fantastic watching you do that. in addition, she says she tunes into fox 5 every morning to start the day with our news team. thank you for doing that. happy new year to you. for a chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page, post a comment under her picture, and be sure to like our fan page. sarah? you know, it's a problem that you don't hear many people talking about. but according to a new documentary, there are many suburban women with drinking problems. so why do so few seek treatment? the producer of the documentary "lipstick and liquor" set out to find the answer. thank you so much, both of you, for coming in. >> thank you. >> it's an interesting topic to tackle. we were talking about before, maybe people have heard about it or maybe have known there is an issue, but it's not been tackled on this level. what was it, lori, that first off brought you to tackle this
8:51 am
issue specifically in this documentary? >> sarah, you're right, the idea of women and drinking was under the radar for me. i certainly knew about binge drinking with college age women, but i had no idea it was on the rise for adult women, and i also didn't know that the number of dui arrests for women have actually shot up 30% in the last decade whereas the number of arrests for men has declined. what led me to take on this issue was an article in the "washington post" in december of 2009. it involved a local woman from virginia, her name is julie, and her personal and tragic story led me to not only explore the psychological factors that drive a lot of women to drink, but also this terrible stigma that follows women and alcoholism. there's a double standard in our society that really judges women harshly, particularly mothers. i wanted to take that issue on. >> anita, you appear in the
8:52 am
documentary yourself. you have also written a book on this as well before, "from addiction to rediscovery." tell me what is it you're noticing and seeing out there that why it is that it seems to be more prevalent in women than we realized? >> what i see in my practice, and i work with both women and men, is that although it's an equal opportunity disease, it's becoming more apparent that women are suffering. many are closeted. not only with alcohol, but other substances. women are now, i think under more pressures and stress than they've ever been trying to be all things to all people, living in a man's world, trying to fulfill multiple roles at one time. and you know, this leads to a lot of other issues, like anxiety and depression and stress and family issues. so women are reaching out for
8:53 am
things that men have reached out for for a long time. and also seeking treatment more than they used to. as we see this disease coming out into the public eye, the stigma has come down some, but there's still a great deal of stigma. this documentary will help to reduce the stigma even more, and i think originally this started with betty ford. >> right. >> a long time ago. we've been working on this for a long time. that's one of the reasons i wrote my book in 2007 "from addiction to recovery." and we've also seen men on capitol hill come out, like congressman jim ramstead and patrick kennedy talking about being in recovery, and the fact that good people get this disease. it's a bad disease.
8:54 am
but good people get it and successful people get it and we can recover. >> as she mentioned, we talked about it in the past, it's been a disease that men have battled. what is it you think people will be able take away from the documentary to open their eyes to the problem at hand? >> well, i think two-fold. one, this stigma, it is interesting that for mothers in particular, there's this idea in our society that we should be perfect and on all the time. i think there is a real harsh judgment against women that might pick up a drink to cope and before they know it, this disease really grabs them. i think that's one thing. and i also think understanding the psychological pressures that women are under nowadays is very, very key. seeing that in our sisters and our mothers and our friends and our children, being able to understand more and deal with it with compassion and sympathy
8:55 am
instead of judgment. >> the movie will be premiering here in the d.c. area. where can people see it? >> we're holding a number of screenings around the country and will be distributing digitally on multiple platforms. >> thank you so much, both of you, for coming in today. >> thank you. >> it's a very interesting and needed to talk about topic. we thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tony, back over to you. sarah, thank you very much. >> redskins mania, coming up, the redskins cheerleaders will join us in studio in time for sunday's game. oh, they're here now. we have to stop this break. >> they're leaders are approaching us as we speak. >> i got nothing else to say. >> the first ladies of football, redskins cheerleaders. how are you? >> merry christmas, happy new year.
8:56 am
>> merry christmas to us. we're going to talk about the major milestone they're celebrating ahead. >> also, keeping the '70s alive. the right on band is taking over -- looking at this, wisdom, what a show. they've taken over studio b and are performing for us at 9:45. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> i love my job. [ laughter ] ♪ ey, lo a shootstar! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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right now at 9:00, it's clear out now. but don't expect this same view when you wake up tomorrow. another round of winter weather is heading our way. tucker tells us what we can expect ahead. >> and pick tock, the count down slowly coming to an end, as america braces to go over the fiscal cliff. coming up, details on a rar
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